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Event Information: Richard III Walk

5th September 2015


Saturday 14th June, 2014 2.30



Bow Bridge, Leicester (Castle Gardens)
Tradition is that Richard III was thrown into the river Soar near here - now disproved with the remains found in Greyfriars

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The Mystery of King Richard III led by Stuart Bailey
Why a mystery? We all know when King Richard was in Leicester and what he was doing here. We all know where he was killed and how. The only mystery was his final resting place and even that has been resolved with discovery of the royal remains in the lost church of the Gray Friars, which in turn was beneath a Council car park. Richard had connexions with Leicester insomuch that Leicester was a royal castle, which he visited both before and during his brief reign. The castle was a Lancastrian stronghold during the Wars of the Roses and as the favourite residence of John O’Gaunt Duke of Lancaster in the second half of the previous century, was intimately involved in the origins of that conflict.

All this we know. The real mystery is how come this midlands industrial town, which despite its illustrious 2,000 year history is so largely a product of the industrial revolution, has so many sites connected with the dramatic last week in the life of the last Plantagenet King of England. This is the philosophy that will provide the background to our LEMA Guided Walk on 14th June 2014. There will be no surprises, nowhere that you didn’t realise had a connexion with the King but the real surprise is that enough remains to tell a coherent story - to paint a picture of the drama that unfolded one summer in and around this quiet market town 529 years ago.

We will start on the Bow Bridge, across which King Richard rode at the head of his knights on the morning of 21st August 1485. (Hint: this crosses St. Augustine Road). We will finish in the Cathedral Church of St. Martin, his final, final resting place. Do join us.
Ends with a light picnic.