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John's Page

2nd February 2015

Personal thoughts from the Festival Director - not necessarily endorsed by the Festival Organisers.

Notes for the Month - December, 2014

Duck Leg

I have had some duck legs in the freezer for some time. I knew they were there but couldn't decide what to do with them... The time had come!

I browned the legs in the frying pan and put them in my trusty casserole dish. Then I fried (off!) some bacon lardons and added them to the duck, together with some chopped, fried onions.

To the casserole dish, I added thyme, orange marmalade and a mixture of equal quantities of red wine, chicken stock and orange juice before cooking for 2 hours.

Meanwhile, I had heated a mixture of butter and flour in a pan, and added some more orange juice and a little of the cooking liquid. To this mixture I added some button mushrooms, halved as they were quite large. Returning the mixture to the casserole dish, I cooked all for a further 30 minutes and had a tasty casserole.

I guess you could serve this with any vegetable you wanted to, but I just gave my guests some miniature loaves I had made to soak up the juices.