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John's Page

17th January 2017

Personal thoughts from the Festival Director - not necessarily endorsed by the Festival Organisers.

Notes for the Month - December, 2016


What is a tagine? (or is it tajine?)
According to Wikipedia it is a North African dish named after the earthenware pot in which it is cooked. Here is what David cooked for us this week. Tasty!!

Tagine recipe
500 grams. Lean Lamb. The meat I used was ready diced leg.
25 grams Olive oil
50 grams sliced onion. (on the day of cooking)
25 grams flaked Almonds
Half tsp Cayenne pepper
Level tsp Cumin
Level tsp Cinnamon
Half dessert spoon of Garlic paste
Half dessert spoon of Ginger paste
40 gram packet of dried Mango
25 grams Sultanas
Half a tin of Chick peas
1 Chicken stock cube. Dissolved as instructed.

Put the spices, garlic, olive oil and ginger into a oven-proof dish.
Put the meat into this, mix well and cover, marinade for 24 hours.
On the day of cooking, slice onions thinly, add the rest of the ingredients, (EXCEPT CHICK PEAS), cover with a double layer of foil and put into an oven 150 degrees C
for 75 mins.
Take out and add the chickpeas.
Put back in the oven for a further 15 mins.

David served it with a serving of Coriander and Lemon Rice Microwave packet.