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John's Page

30th July 2015

Personal thoughts from the Festival Director - not necessarily endorsed by the Festival Organisers.

Notes for the Month - June, 2015

Lunch for Richard III
We served lunch to 25 in the wonderful Castle House on 6th June. This year, we used recipes from the time of Richard III as the inspiration for our finger buffet. Here are the courses:

Stuffed eggs (eggs, currents, herbs)
Brawn (pork hock, cooked, minced and served on rye bread
Pickled herrings, served on rye
Shrympys boyled
Carrots, Fennel

Main Course
Mushroom Pasties
Leche fryed - Cheese Pasties
Lombard Chicken (chicken balls, spiced with ginger, decorated with bacon)
Salmon Tarts
Pork Rolls
Spiced Onion Pie - onions, eggs, cheese, spices
Asparagus - griddled

Sweet Course
Gynger Brede - medieval gingerbread
Leicester cheese
Selection of dried fruit (figs, prunes, currants, dates)
Lombard date slices

Coffee (approx 1.40)

Informal Concert (1.45-2.20)

Chariots (2.30)