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Event Information: Choral Workshop

21st December 2014


Monday 26th May, 2014.
Rehearsal: 9.30 a.m.
Performance 1.00 p.m.

10, includes loan of music on the day, refreshments and 17th Century soup and (unauthentic) french bread.

Please add 2 extra if you want to borrow the music in advance.

Advanced booking only


Saint Nicholas Church
St Nicholas Church,
129 St Nicholas Circle, Leicester,
LE1 5LX,
Disabled Ramp available.

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O quam gloriosum - Victoria
The Conductor: John Bence, Organist and Master of the Music of St. Mary de Castro

Details: After detailed study, a complete Mass will be sung in its original context - that is as part of a Mass. The event will conclude with a 17th century soup.

For the nervous singer: We have a few copies of the Mass available for free loan for a month before the performance.

Who Can Join us?: Anyone who can sing. Music will be provided on the day. Reasonable sight reading skills are desirable, but there will be some who know the music already.