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Event Information: Johnson, Johnson and Jonson

3rd September 2015


Saturday 4th October, 2014 3.00

Free, donations welcomed


Clarendon Park Congregational Church
London Road, Leicester LE2 3BA

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Lute, Voice & Reader
This sounds like a firm of solicitors, and perhaps somewhere it is.
However our programme revolves around three famous musicians and poet of the Elizabethan and Jacobean period. John Johnson was Queen Elizabeth's top lute player, and his surviving compositions are elegant and beautiful - presumably to the Queen's taste. His son, Robert Johnson took a different direction and whilst a fine lute player himself spent most of his time composing music for the theatre and masques. Here he collaborated with the poet and playwright Ben Jonson and they produced some memorable songs, both separately and together.

The programme is performed by Richard Ollier (reader), Jonathan Spencer (counter-tenor) and Mike Ashley (lute).